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There is no game without errors and Fallout 76 is also included in them, let's see How to fix error code [4: 8: 2009]

Fallout 76 has been released a while ago, it takes more than a year and has obtained the action and drama simply be an excellent bet, especially since it is a game that is available for PS4, Xbox One and PC, in addition to getting the possibility enjoy the latest expansion.

Despite being a game that has been available since 2018, it still fits perfectly well in the public, as it offers us the possibility of being able to play in an open world, with a post-apocalyptic reality, and the possibility of playing as a team in cooperative mode.

What does the error code [4: 8: 2009] mean in Fallout 76?

Mistakes tend to constantly affect us, and the Wastelanders expansion has also been affected, knowing how to fix error code [4: 8: 2009], just blows our minds, because this update has definitely chosen to include some mutant creatures which they make the colonists alert to survive, in addition to the possibility of having weapons and armor.

How to fix error code [4: 8: 2009] in Fallout 76?

The first thing we should know is that this problem has simply been presented to a large number of people, it occurs exactly after having accessed the most recent expansion, Wastelanders, where it presents us with the error code since it ends the Free Trial event , and knowing how to fix error code [4: 8: 2009] allows us to do it in the following way.
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    These are the steps necessary to fix error code [4: 8: 2009]:

    Firstly, it is necessary to go to "C: UsersyourusernameDocumentsMy Games", and it will be in the folder and proceed to delete the Fallout 76 folder.

    Next, it is necessary to start the game, but obviously this is not to start, which makes us re-launch it so that it works again without throwing the error.

    This offered solution is the only one with which we have been able to give and we sincerely hope that we can serve, but the official solution still exists, so it is necessary to continue waiting a little longer, because it is possible that at some point in time not very long You can count on more favorable solutions or simply manage to make some important corrections, because with this we are given the opportunity to enjoy this game to the fullest.

    In one way or another, saber How to fix error code [4: 8: 2009] allows us to solve this problem, only it is still too early to say it completely, since there could be other solutions in Fallout 76 in the near future.

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