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Apex Legends: How to complete your Hunt

2020-05-21 10:44:10

Apex Legends definitely has a lot of things to do and hunts are one of them, let's see how to complete your hunt

Why hunt at Apex Legends?


  First of all, let's focus on the fact that this is a sufficiently moved game to which recently on May 19 they have incorporated a series of additional elements as part of the fifth season, this includes 9 hunts, whose objective is to complete them to get a specific artifact for a new character , it is also possible to carry out these hunts alone or with friends, freedom here is great.


  It is important to have some interesting aspects before starting the hunt because knowing how to complete your hunt deserves some preparation.

  • The first thing we will do is focus on the first hunting piece that has been introduced in this fifth season, but to get it, it is necessary to have 5 treasure packages that we need to collect beforehand.
  • Each package of the treasure has a certain time, and it is that each of them has a waiting time of only 24 hours.
  • Each hunt carried out lasts 5 real days.
  • With all 5 packs in our possession it is time to select the mission in the Story Progress section at the bottom left of Apex Legends.

How to complete your hunt in Apex Legends?


 One of the important details to take into account is the search for the first piece, which in reality is not very complex, it is necessary to carry out a series of steps and they are.


  •  Follow the markers on the screen as we move through the tunnel.
  • Eliminate marauding marauders while in the tunnel.
  • Go to the warehouses that are located on the right side and thus reach the hangar with the piece.
  • Then it is time to extract it to collect it.
  • Go back once more to the building and go to the roof where the launch ship is located.


 Actually knowing how to complete your hunt is not such a complicated job, the first piece will only take a few minutes, about 8 approximately. During this search for the first piza it will be vital to get some loot, since these loot caches are useful in Apex Legends, it is possible to get improvements for some weapons, or armor. But the loot hiding places are not only possible to get in the tunnels in the building there are also, specifically in the buildings behind but possibly due to lack of time and no possibility of looking for them.


 Here it is possible to get the so-called Phoenix Kit, which can be used when the artifact has been removed, as it is vital to preserve the health and shields necessary to protect us during the journey until we reach the launch ship, which is located in the ceiling, which we will reach by climbing the stairs once you have disposed of the marauders who are on the way, already at the top there is no enemy implying knowing how to complete your hunt, also having the Mozambique is vital to execute some shots at Apex Legends.



 The marauders' hits are usually formidable enough, which implies an extremely difficult healing, so the best option is to eliminate them quickly with a weapon before being touched by them, as this implies the need to know how to complete your hunt taking into account note that there are many enemies present in this game that must be confronted and eliminated.

 In one way or another enemies are a fundamental part of Apex Legends and this makes us get some way of knowing how to complete your hunt, and advance in this game.

PC, PS4 , Xbox One
Battle royale, first-person shooter
Respawn Entertainment
Electronic Arts
Release date:
February 4, 2019
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