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This time we return with a Population Zero guide, aiming to explain how to level up.

  At Population Zero we find a PvP level system that has been very questioned sometimes since it was launched, access to this system is not instantly, everything indicates the need for some requirements to be met, which will give us access to the PvP server, Among them is the fact of increasing our level, earning 400 XP, now in this guide it is possible to see the tips that can help us in relation to How to level up, to see what it is about let's continue.
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What to know about leveling up in Population Zero?


 There are two options that will allow us to level up and unlock PvP, because it is possible that we have failed on many occasions seeking to do so, which has been an obstacle for this game mechanic, but the details that follow will help us Accurately understanding how to level up, let's continue reading.


 How to level up in Population Zero?


 The missions: At the beginning of the game we find a few missions, which will be the first possible option that can allow us to level up to reach the unlock of PvP, the instructions that we will receive from the NPCs we must follow, this regarding the missions and those that are secondary in the game as well, increasing the level helps in unlocking, needing at least 400 XP, by completing the first two missions it is possible to obtain this amount of XP, these are assigned by Radov the NPC.

Quit or close our session: After 7 days have passed the session will automatically close, after the end of this period the session is closed and all the content of it, but our progress will not be lost, this means that XP that we have achieved will be maintained regardless of the end of the session, we may get 400 XP in this period of 7 days, if we achieve it before the days pass, we will have to wait for the days to end or we simply resign before without having to wait for all the remaining days, managing to force the end of our session.

 We concluded that knowing how to level up is easier than expected, just try and we will be progressing in Population Zero.

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