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Discover All Eagle Egg locations in Roblox Animal Simulator and level up fast. Find out where to collect them all!

Welcome, fellow players of Roblox Animal Simulator! If you're on the hunt for eagle skins, you've come to the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we will embark on an exciting adventure together as we walk you through the locations of All Eagle Egg locations in Roblox Animal Simulator. By the end of this guide, you'll be equipped to collect all eight unique skins and show them off in style. So, grab your virtual binoculars and let's dive into this thrilling expedition!

All Eagle Egg locations in Roblox Animal Simulator

Desert Area behind Safezone Barn

Our first stop on the hunt for eagle eggs is the desert area behind the Safezone Barn. Here, you'll be on the lookout for a distinctive black and white egg. To locate this egg, head towards the Safezone Barn and venture into the desert area. Keep an eye out for a rocky outcrop with a clear view of the sky. The eagle egg will be nestled among the rocks, blending in with the sandy terrain. Be patient and observant as you scour the area, and you'll soon add the first eagle skin to your collection.

Behind Safezone Barn

The second eagle egg can be found behind the Safezone Barn. As you explore this area, keep your eyes peeled for a hidden spot where the second egg is waiting to be discovered. The egg may be tucked away in a corner or camouflaged amidst the surroundings, so be sure to thoroughly investigate the area. With a keen eye and a careful search, you'll soon uncover the second eagle egg and move one step closer to completing your collection.

Grey Volcanic Area

Next, we journey to the grey volcanic area in search of the third eagle egg. Navigating through this rugged terrain can be challenging, but the reward is well worth the effort. Keep a lookout for a secluded spot within the volcanic landscape where the third egg is concealed. The contrasting colors of the egg against the grey backdrop may make it a bit tricky to spot, so take your time and explore the nooks and crannies of the area. With persistence and determination, you'll soon add the third eagle skin to your growing collection.

The Saloon

Venture into the heart of the Wild West as we search for the fourth eagle egg within the confines of the Saloon. The bustling atmosphere of the Saloon may make it challenging to spot the eagle egg, but fear not. With a patient and methodical approach, you'll be able to locate the egg nestled within this lively setting. Keep an eye out for any distinctive features or hidden corners where the egg may be waiting to be discovered. By carefully scouring the Saloon, you'll soon be able to add the fourth eagle skin to your impressive collection.

Treehouse at Lower Floating Islands

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Our next destination on the eagle egg hunt takes us to the Lower Floating Islands, where a hidden treehouse holds the key to the fifth eagle egg. Ascend to the heights of the treehouse and explore its nooks and crannies to uncover the elusive egg. The elevated vantage point may provide a unique challenge in spotting the egg, so be sure to thoroughly search the area from all angles. With a careful and thorough exploration, you'll soon be able to add the fifth eagle skin to your ever-growing collection.

Bird Statue

Prepare to set your sights on the sixth eagle egg, perched atop a majestic bird statue. Navigating to this iconic location may require a keen sense of observation and a strategic approach. Keep an eye out for any vantage points or hidden pathways that may lead you to the bird statue. Once you've reached the statue, carefully inspect its surroundings to spot the sixth eagle egg. With patience and perseverance, you'll soon be able to add the sixth eagle skin to your growing collection.

Tree to Right of Green House

As we near the completion of our eagle egg collection, we set our sights on the seventh egg concealed within a tree to the right of the Green House. This hidden gem may require a meticulous search as you navigate the area surrounding the Green House. Look for any distinct features or landmarks that can guide you to the tree where the seventh egg is nestled. With careful scrutiny and a thorough search, you'll soon be able to add the seventh eagle skin to your impressive collection.

Closest to Safezone

Our penultimate stop on the eagle egg hunt brings us to the eighth and final egg, located closest to the Safezone. As you embark on this final leg of the journey, hone your hunting skills and stay vigilant as you search for this hidden gem. The egg may be strategically concealed in a nearby area, requiring a keen eye and careful exploration to uncover its whereabouts. With determination and a focused search, you'll soon be able to add the eighth and final eagle skin to your collection, bringing you one step closer to completing your impressive eagle ensemble.


Our grand finale awaits as we set our sights on the final and elusive eagle egg, hidden within the Foremast. This ultimate challenge will put your hunting skills to the test as you navigate to the Foremast and embark on a meticulous search. Keep a sharp eye out for any subtle clues or unique features that may lead you to the location of the final egg. As you explore the area with determination and perseverance, you'll soon uncover the last elusive treasure and complete your collection of all eight stunning eagle skins.

By following these detailed guidelines and embarking on the thrilling adventure to uncover each of these magnificent eagle eggs, you'll be able to add all eight stunning eagle skins to your collection in Roblox Animal Simulator. Remember, patience, keen observation, and All Eagle Egg locations in Roblox Animal Simulator. So, what are you waiting for? It's time to put your hunting skills to the test and embark on this exciting journey to collect all the eagle skins. Good luck, and may your virtual skies be filled with majestic eagles!

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