2020-10-22 07:50:31

Guide to learn how to save your game in Amnesia Rebirth

 After quite some time, the horror game Amnesia released another edition with the same theme that will make you shiver. This game will keep your hair standing on end even when you want to simply save your game, which by the way the latter is based on control points for you, although these are not in the classic way that you are used to in older games and in This guide will explain why.

How to save your game in Amnesia Rebirth?

If you choose Save and Exit from the menu, it will create a small save and resume from the nearest checkpoint, but it won't start from the exact place where you left off. Which means that you can load a previous save, but the game only keeps the last 25. In other words, you can retreat a bit if you don't like your current situation, you still won't be able to go back far.

This design decision around saved games makes sense when considering Frictional's desired method of play for the horror game. Perhaps the reason they do this is so that the fear is more palpable when playing since you will be fully aware of the context in which you will be playing.
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