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Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-10-22 14:39:41

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Guide to learn where to find Calla Lily in Genshin Impact

  If you are just starting in this new Genshin Impact game you should know that in the game there is a flower called Calla lily which works as an incredible cooking ingredient so having it is not too much. It can be confusing to look for so many items scattered everywhere and more so being a map as gigantic as the one in this game so it may take a lot of time to look for them, so this guide will go a long way to save your time looking for ingredients like this. Stay to find out more!
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Where to find Calla Lily in Genshin Impact?

Like lotus heads, you can find Calla Lily's location near bodies of water. Head towards Springvale which is south of Mondstadt and you will see how to find a large quantity of this resource as it is the specialty of the place.

If you are looking elsewhere in Mondstadt, be sure to also look near lakes and rivers. Head to Dadaupa Gorge and look for some more flowers there as well. To collect them, you don't need to do anything special, just go ahead and harvest them.

You can use this flower to create a certain object or even for the ascension of the character. The item is Calla Lily seafood chowder that needs 4 crabs, 2 mint, and 1 Calla lily.

You can also use it for Kaeya and Diona's character ascension. Although for this you will need Treasure Hoarder Insignia and Shivada Jade Sliver.

It may be confusing at first, but once you know where to find it, it will be easy the next time you need this material.

 Now that you know where to find Calla Lily in Genshin Impact you can use this material to create the recipes you want and / or need. Luck!

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