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Today we are going to tell you about Klee Jean's secret Combo, because we are facing a stage of novelties in Genshin Impact

Who is Klee Jean in Genshin Impact?

This is simply a new addition that has made a presence in this game and is simply a fused magician or at least everything he does is directly related to magic, because this character is quite skilled that allows us to go beyond the characters already previously mentioned, because he has the ability to be an expert in explosives and if we add magic to this we could say that we have a huge possibility of rapid progress, which makes the secret Klee Jean Combo is without a doubt an element of interest to all.

Jean's qualities in Genshin Impact:

  •  Jean is simply an Acting Grand Master of the Knights of Favonius.
  • It has the vision of Anemo.
  • It is presented as an excellent traveler alternative.
  • It is known as the Dandelion.
  • It relies mostly on swords in combat.
  • He is a rare and powerful 5 star character.

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    Klee qualities:

    •  It has the ability of Jumpy Dumpty.
    • Jean's elemental ability Gale Blade can create a void after using Jumpy Dumpty to attract some enemies that may be nearby.
    • It has the ability to launch enemies in front of the powerful gale to be released.
    • He has the ability to use his abilities to conduct a powerful explosive attack directed at the Pyro-clover mines because he shares synergy with Jean.


     What is the Klee Jean Secret Combo in Genshin Impact?

    It is necessary to make clear that most of the attacks delivered by Klee are usually magical and with fire, of course this does not mean that he does not have other attacks, however the Jumpy Dumpty is usually outlined as his special ability since it has the possibility of making some spores that are small enough can explode and cause some damage to the enemy, because like every magician it has some catalysts, which act as a sufficiently attractive mechanic and that is part of: the secret Klee Jean Combo, because they are usually simply elemental weapons.

    We have the possibility of being able to take the spores and that these can be flown by some abilities of Ameno which perfectly allows us to have the option of moving some mines that can be generated by the magician Klee and that we can incorporate them into Jean in Genshin Impact of such so that it can apply for some formidable attacks since the Klee mines can be seen as a flower grenade launcher, so that the combats at this point can take place in an even more attractive way thanks to the mechanics and puzzles that these can generate .

     Definitely, Genshin Impact has come to occupy us considerably, even though it takes a very short time, so knowing what Klee Jean's secret Combo is puts us one step ahead because we can work out some formidable combat strategies.

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