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Our adventure for Genshin Impact allows us to explain how to through seal in Sal Terrae, let's see.

What is the seal in Sal Terrae in Genshin Impact?

This is nothing more than an area that is kept hidden in this game and that undoubtedly offers us some amount of chests under the seal, it is a space where exploring is simply fascinating, we have the possibility of being able to have the Geo element, especially this for our main character, which makes our work on How to get through the seal in Sal Terrae as a mechanic that is new enough but fun at the same time.
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    How to get through seal in Sal Terrae in Genshin Impact?

    Our work begins when we decide to take the road to Sal Terrae, we locate ourselves on the map and move southwest of Monsdtadt, this places us a little south of Dawn Winery, then we move a little directing the circle to reach an area that is covered with snow, our goal is to get to the top of the rocks since this allows us not only to walk through the mountains but also to take a look at some textures that can be blurred, only that in some way our work it is getting to cross them which places us before our objective on How to cross the seal in Sal Terrae.

    Our journey is just beginning, since this leads us to have to make a journey through the mountains, especially since here it is necessary to make the most of our elemental ability with a fantastic character to through the ground, managing to place the Sword of the Starfall, to climb the rock down, because our work leads us to move through the crack in the ground, this is a task that makes us go a little deeper until we get some wound that remains surrounding the rock, then we realize that there is a gap in the shape of a triangle in the wall and that allows us to climb it to continue our journey through Genshin Impact that is still long.

    We continue moving down in order to get to an area with some water, turn around to observe another aquatic area and jump over it, which allows us to reach other rocks that are on the other side, so that this let us choose to walk and swim a bit to finally get closer to the wall, climb it and finally observe some stones, as well as some pillars, which allows us to have the possibility of jumping and climbing.

    Our final work on How to through seal in Sal Terrae allows us to give ourselves the opportunity to loot some resources that are around these sides, in the same way some chests that always have rewards inside, because at this point we have already reached our goal in Genshin Impacty thereby entering this area that remains somewhat hidden and from which it is possible to take as much as possible.

    The chests to loot are: Cor Lapis, Jade Noctiluco, Lotus Heads

     This is all you need to know about How to through seal in Sal Terrae, as it is a very interesting task and where adventure as well as exploration play a fundamental role in Genshin Impact.

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