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2020-10-22 09:44:53

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This time we return with a PUBG guide, aiming to explain how to open secret locked rooms in Paramo in the Wasteland.

What to know about the wasteland in PUBG?

It is a map where there is a significant number of players, a denser landscape and it is the first of the rotating class in which a series of new locations are presented to explore, having access to many secrets but taking into account It is necessary to understand How to open the locked secret rooms in the Wasteland, for this the following content.

How to open secret locked rooms in Paramo in the Wasteland in PUBG?

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On the map we have the secret rooms scattered throughout the game their keys, which we will find randomly on the ground, they have similarities with another object in the game, when we get them we will be having a key to the secret room in our inventory, then getting to the room is simpler, they are rooms with the same appearance, they are distinguished by a square shape and that are aligned with the map, if we do not get the secret key it is not possible to open these doors, when we open it we will have access to a valuable team, but we must prevent another from looting the room beforehand, so if we manage to open it first we have to do everything quickly before the other participants arrive since when it is open, anyone can enter.

It is evident that knowing how to open secret locked rooms in Paramo in the Wasteland allows us to have more fun in PUBG.

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