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2020-10-22 09:20:00

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Amnesia Rebirth offers us many jobs and therefore it is pertinent to tell you How to solve the three-wheeled puzzle

Is it necessary to solve the three wheel puzzle in Amnesia Rebirth?

The answer is yes and this is because everything in this game stays connected, which simply leads us to have to solve every minute detail because this allows us to completely another task later on, since the three rudas are simply a necessary element for be able to get out of this area, since it is a place that contain some hatch in the cistern that does not allow us to access later if we have not solved the puzzle.
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How to solve the three wheel puzzle in Amnesia Rebirth?

Our work to solve this puzzle leads us in the first place to locate ourselves with the left wheel since it opens the hatch for us and chooses to move the platforms for us, only that it is stuck, in such a way that fixing it is Our task, therefore, is vital to turn the middle wheel to the left in order to move the tank to the left and jump on it to reach the hatch on the right, this allows us to have the possibility of crawling through the tunnel of In such a way that we are allowed to access the first one on the left and then another on the left, showing us that something is stuck in the chain and this is nothing more than the wheel, for this it is only necessary to remove what is obstructing the wheel and return to the puzzle.

The task continues so that our work to remove what was stuck must work and this makes us choose to make this rue can rotate, because with this we can recover the platform from the wall and thus use the middle wheel to take the tank to the slot above, so that we are allowed to move to the left wheel and proceed to turn in order that the platforms can come out since this allows us to land on the platform, and thus achieve the possibility of crawling through the tunnel to take a right, then a left so that it takes you to the hole in the tank that is located at the top and only choose to cross it to finish our task.

 In general terms, knowing how to solve the three-wheeled puzzle allows us to have the possibility to embark on more fundamental tasks in Amnesia Rebirth and with it, enter a terrifying but attractive world in a way.

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