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The bugs are everywhere and YouTube is not saved from them, let's see how to fix the black screen error

  The black screen error has been becoming something that has been bothering more and more users, because on some occasions we put to play a video and immediately the screen turns black and does not allow viewing absolutely anything, the detail of this is that It is associated with other drawbacks, so it is vital to know how to repair the black screen error, since some of these problems are not necessarily related to each other.

What are the causes of the black screen in YouTube?

  There are 4 specific causes for which these errors can occur because knowing how to repair the black screen error can allow us to sneak away from these errors.
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    The extensions> There is the possibility that there are some programs that could be related to these failures, and this means that our browser may not be letting us load the videos well, this is particularly due to the possibility of having installed some software recently.

    Network problems> Not having a good internet connection will cause us to have problems and this leads us to the black screen, as the instability of the connection is a problem.

    The problems of our PC> Sometimes it is necessary to restart our PC because it is she who does not allow us to load the videos from YouTube perfectly well.

    The drawbacks with the browser> Some usually present too many cookies, especially if the browser is out of date.

    How to fix black screen error in YouTube?

     There are some things that it is possible to execute and they are very simple characteristics.

    •  Restart our device.
    • Clear the cookies and cache of our application.
    • Try to watch the video from the web player of our phone.
    • Download the videos directly from YouTube.
    • Delete the application and reinstall it again.

     How to download videos from YouTube?

     The first thing to consider is to have a tool with us to carry out the process, as this can simply be a very effective option and is usually done as follows.

    Having Minitool uTube Downloader is free and we have the possibility that once the videos are downloaded we can see them when we consider it necessary.

    • What we will do is install MiniTool uTube Downloader on our computer and launch it.
    • Next we open YouTube to visualize exactly what we want to download.
    • Then we proceed to copy the URL link and paste it in the box, then we touch download.

     It should be noted that this is done completely free of charge and we can give the option to browse to allow us to access our downloaded file and that has subtitles, with the possibility of downloading 10 videos and that they can be downloaded in WAV, MP4 or WEBM formats. .

    MiniTool uTubeDownloader has these features.

    •  It has a high speed converter.
    • It is totally safe, virus free.
    • It presents a simple interface.
    • It is not necessary to be registered.
    • It has MP4, MP3, WAV, WEBM conversion formats.

     This is all we can tell you about how to fix the black screen error that tends to make life a bit complex in YouTube.

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