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Systems are tools that can be viable in Valorant, that's why today we explain how to use ADS

What is ADS?


  This is a very interesting system that has been designed for Valorant, and although it is not something new, since we have been hearing about it for some time, it has its advantages and disadvantages, as this is particularly due to the possibility of being incorporated with certain weapons such as the Krieg 552 or the sniper rifle, this has generally been placed due to the scenarios where we can probably find ourselves, but here it is necessary to consider knowing how to use ADS because although they are systems that are not mentioned much in this game specifically they often appear frequently
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    How to use ADS in Valorant?


     One of the issues that we should probably be clear about is exactly when these systems can be used, because not all the time they will be used, because it also has some drawbacks that you can find, this means in the first instance the need to master it and get familiar with it. especially with the possibility of using automatic weapons, since here the mechanics of the shots are more focused on reality and it is necessary to have discipline and practice.


     To know how to use ADS it is necessary to consider the type of weapons, since normally the rifles are the ones who have the most possibilities of using these systems and this is particularly due to the fact that they have long barrels, there is also a control function called Tap Efficiency that It allows to shoot bullets with millimeter precision especially when we focus particularly on the first shots.


     ADS systems allow us to highlight some important characteristics, such as:

    •  The ability for the weapon to regain its firing efficiency.
    • The skills achieved in terms of marksmanship.
    • The ability to master remote shooting.
    • It is possible to eliminate enemies with the first bullets.
    • The opportunity to get headshots.
    • We can use it in long-range battles where there may be some risk of being ambushed, as we can more accurately target our enemies.
    • It allows us to shoot down enemies more effectively.

    When is it not feasible to use ADS in Valorant?


     Although ADS systems can have many advantages, there is the possibility that on some occasions it should not necessarily be used, as it has some disadvantages and it is necessary to take them into account, since it is possible to be compromised, it should be noted that knowing how to use ADS gives us a certain advantage But it could also put us at a considerable disadvantage if we do not take into account the number of risks that it could entail on certain occasions.


     Here are the reasons why you need to know when not to use ADS in Valorant:

    •  It is possible that by using these systems we can make our vision darken and this allows us to be vulnerable.
    • We may not be able to move fast enough, which is tricky when we are in the line of fire.
    • Automatic weapons like the Stinger SMG or the Bulldog rifle may be affected with reduced firing speed.


     In one way or another, knowing how to use ADS allows us to always take advantage, just be careful not to use it in some special cases, otherwise it is viable and allows us to get ahead in Valorant.

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