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Daniel Hidalgo
2021-01-06 14:47:34

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If you want to know how to fix the comment error that cannot be published in YouTube you have come to the right place, because we have everything covered.

What is the comment error in YouTube about?

This is a recent bug and really one of the few mentionable bugs on the world-famous video website. The problem occurs when trying to post a comment on a video, it simply does not appear.

The cause is something that is certainly not clear, but it is said that it can be a VPN in the browser, some plug-in installed on the PC, cache problems, among other possible reasons that can affect both users of mobile devices and users from the PC.

Fortunately we have already been testing various methods based on the possible causes and have compiled several solutions for you that you can try if you are wondering how to fix the comment that cannot be posted error.
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How to fix the comment error that cannot be posted to YouTube?

Below we list each of the solutions that you can use for each possible cause, keep in mind and remember that if one does not work, the best thing you can do is go to the next one until you find the correct one for you.

How to fix the comment error by restarting the device?

The first and probably the simplest solution to this problem is to log out of your account on the website or application and turn off your device, be it PC or mobile device, and wait at least a couple of minutes to turn it on again and log into your bill.

Go back to the video where you found the error and comment again to see if it was fixed.

How to fix comment error by checking internet connectivity?

Many times without realizing the internet connection can play tricks on us even when we try to post a comment. In this sense, we recommend you check if your internet connection is wired, WiFi or mobile data is working correctly and stable.

You can also contact your ISP to find out if there is any ongoing maintenance that has interrupted your connection.

Although it may be a problem with the server of the website or application that prevents the publication of your comment. So a little patience and a few minutes of waiting can correct it.

How to fix the comment error with the Cache?

Clearing the app cache on your smartphone can correct the problem. For this you will have to go to Settings> Applications and Notifications> See all applications> Search for the application in this section and access it> select Storage and Cache> Clear Cache.

If you are a PC user you will have to clear your browser's cache.

For Chrome, go to Settings> type Clear cookies> Clear browsing data> Advanced> select the time range to All the time> click on all checkboxes except Password and other login data> Clear data

How to fix the comment error with a VPN?

The use of private networks or VPN can lead to restrictions of the geographical network established by some content providers and other blocking problems, so the best thing you can do is disable VPNs if you have them in use.

How to fix the comment error with the ads?

If you're still wondering how to fix the comment can't be posted error, make sure that if you're using an ad blocker, it doesn't block the ability to post comments as well. Keep in mind that most websites that rely on advertising to run their digital business.

If so, what you have to do is put the website in the ad blocker whitelist or use the Premium service for which you have to pay a subscription to watch ad-free videos or simply disable the blocker.

How to fix the comment error updating?

If you have an old version of the application, it is likely that it has some problems, and it is necessary to update it to the latest version available.

If you are an Android user, go to the Play Store App> My Applications and Games> search for the application and select Update if there is an update available.

If you are an iOS user, go to the App Store> touch the photo of your account profile and search for YouTube, if it is, there is an update available.

 Thus ends our guide on how to fix the comment error that cannot be published in YouTube, we hope it has been very useful, and you have managed to solve this error with our tips. Remember that as we mentioned at the beginning of this guide on how to fix the comment error that cannot be published, if any of the solutions does not work for you, go to the next one until you find the correct one that allows you to republish comments in YouTube.

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