Angel Marquez
2022-05-10 10:57:26

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Today we bring you a Youtube guide where we will talk about How to link Youtube to the Blizzard Battlenet account.

Why link Youtube to Blizzard Battlenet account?

  This is something that can be beneficial to get audience rewards, with the games and also have Youtube Drops for Hearthstone, but it is important that we are aware of How to link Youtube to the Blizzard Battlenet account and the content can help us in this regard what comes next, let's see.

How to link Youtube to Blizzard Battlenet account?

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What we will do is log in to our youtube account, then we enter the menu that is on the upper left, we have to go to the configuration to find the connected applications, then we can connect with other applications and access the benefits, our The option to choose is that of, the terms and conditions are presented before connecting, we will now continue.

 The next thing is that we will be in a window that asks us to log in with our Battlenet account that we have or otherwise close it from right here, when we continue with the instructions and both accounts are linked we can enter the events or contests that they allow us to earn special rewards, the Battlenet account must have the same to access these, now it is possible that common problems occur despite having the account link correctly established.

 It is important that we have logged in when we are at the event watching it in order to win the reward, otherwise the time we have seen will not count and we will not win anything, it is important to check the browser add-ons that may be interference, in case If this happens, they must be deactivated, there is also the fact of not noticing the notification of the reward, but if it will be present in the game, it is something that we must verify if we have met all the requirements.

 In this way we finish our guide on How to link Youtube to the Blizzard Battlenet account, you just have to do it to fully enjoy all the benefits.