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If your desire is to know how to repair error 400 in YouTube, then you are in the right place to know it with the precise details.

 The popularity of YouTube is the highest of any site on the web, in terms of searches it is located in 2nd place worldwide, here it is possible to search for movie trailers, videos, news, tutorials and much more, but like any website is not except for the errors that usually occur, this time we will talk about one of them in this guide, to have the answers to how to fix error 400, let's pay close attention to the following content.


What to know about error 400 in YouTube?


 There are many situations that this error, at the time we are on this website, happens on our computer, when we use the application and when we open it on a smart TV, therefore this guide will provide us with the necessary support to know how to repair error 400, so that our attention to the following content is necessary, let's do it.
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    How to fix error 400 in YouTube?


     Now we have the answers that will help us on how to repair error 400, so if we want to return to normal in YouTube we have to apply the following possible solutions:


     Delete cache and cookies


     At the time of our browsing through the YouTube network, it is possible that failures occur through the server, so it is simply necessary to delete the cache and cookies, then we have to restart the computer, this being one of the answers to how to repair error 400, capable of correcting this error, that is, everything is going to be erased, it is important that it occurs for all data.


     Refresh the page with F5


     By clicking the right mouse button on the option to refresh the page and then pressing the F5 on many occasions the PC will be refreshing, which helps us to resolve error 400, without side effects at the time of do it, what is good is the speed that our computer will gain, in case the error persists we will go to click the right mouse button and we will access a window, in which we will choose update, we will press the F5 to update it.


     Delete cookies


     It is important that when deleting cookies we take into account that the configurations, passwords and other data that we have stored will be deleted, so the deletion of cookies should be only for YouTube and for this we will do the following:


    •  In our browser we will click on its menu bar and go to the settings
    • We go down until we reach the options at the bottom and click here
    • The advanced options will take us to the content settings in relation to privacy and security, reaching the cookies where we will click now
    • In the search bar we put the name of the web to find its cookies, then we click on delete all, then we close the browser and restart the PC.
    • Doing these will take us out of our account


     URL errors


     It is necessary in relation to how to repair the error 400 that we review that it is not an erroneous URL, this includes some spelling error, therefore the URL link is poorly formed, which is caused by the various problems in the grammar , in most of the occasions we have that the error appears because the special characters are not available for use in the URLs, therefore we have to return to the YouTube website and write the video of our interest.

    Reset our browser settings


     If it is not possible to open any video, it is possible that going through the incognito mode is a solution, everything is possible if there is an error in the browser settings, for this we go to advanced settings and reset it as follows:


    •  In the browser we go to the menu bar and enter settings
    • We have at the bottom are the advanced options, here we have the reset at the end of the configurations
    • We click and confirm




     In the event that the previous options are used, it is necessary to consider as to how to repair the error 400 the reinstallation of our browser, thus having in many opportunities errors related to the browser files, which causes their corruption, for this we have to reinstall each time this error occurs.


    For phones


     The error 400 is usually present also on the phones, so the Androit application presents this network error, for this we have to look for the exit of the YouTube application first, and then enter again, in case it fails This solution, we have to make the change of the video link, being these only for an identification of the video as such.


    On Smart TV


     It is important that this device is kept in the most up-to-date version of the software, in the event that the error is maintained, we may need to disconnect the power for a few minutes, another option in case it does not work is to restart the device or have the settings restored by default, in this way you can enjoy all the content on the web.


     Obviously, knowing how to fix error 400 allows us to have more fun in YouTube and its extensive content.

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