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The new challenges in Xenoblade Chronicles require us to understand how to travel fast and here we will know everything about it.

  We previously found a JRPG game such as Xenoblade Chronicles, which initially appeared in 2010 when it was released for Wii, since now we have it back for the Nintendo Switch, improved and updated, both in graphics and visualizations, in As for the game we want to know how to travel fast and this guide will provide us with all the necessary advice, just pay close attention below.

What to know about the fast trip in Xenoblade Chronicles?

In this games we find ourselves before an open world, where the areas are very open and large, in which there are monsters in the wild lands, in addition, the towns and colonies are here and they are also large, we must bear in mind that the journey on foot is something very hard in terms of the incredible time that this entails, more at the time of going back in those missions that we are going to be required to do, we may need the fast travel function and for this we will attend the following content for the answers concrete.

How to travel fast in Xenoblade Chronicles?

What we will do at the beginning is the registration of those reference points that exist in the game, at the moment we are in a new area, in the surroundings these reference points are generally found, we just have to go to them and it will appear a notice, indicating that it has been registered, then by opening our menu with the X button we will go to the area maps option, here we will locate the list of them and press A, which gives us access to sub menu with the reference points that we have registered so far, then with the choice we make of one of these points the quick trip will be possible by pressing the A again, for any part of the game it is possible to do, only it is not possible if we are in full battle.

 In conclusion, knowing how to travel fast is excellent because we can advance further in this interesting and moving Xenoblade Chronicles.

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