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Lidia Rozo
2021-03-12 15:18:26

Faults are often found in Xbox and so today we are going to talk to you about How to fix error code 0x87e50014

What does it mean to run into error 0x87e50014 at Xbox?

We must be clear that errors are usually a fairly common theme, because in fact this makes us understand that perfection does not exist, the serious issue enters when these errors are frequent and they make us run out of possibilities to entertain ourselves and have a good time , so knowing how to repair error code 0x87e50014 leads us to consider that it is a somewhat closed issue, and this is due to directly the Xbox staff has not provided more information about said failure, which has led us to choose for looking for unofficial solutions and fixing the problem in order to continue taking advantage of the Xbox.
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How to fix error code 0x87e50014 in Xbox?

Carry out a power cycle: this is an activity that we can execute in order to eliminate this failure, since it is a power cycle or restart and for this it is necessary:


  •  Press and hold the button on the Xbox for at least 156 seconds in order to make the console turn off.
  • We proceed to disconnect the cables.
  • We waited a few minutes to reconnect the cables.
  • We start our console using the Xbox button.
  • Access the game once more and that's it.


 Take a look at the internet connection: this is another activity that we can carry out, since the connections in some cases may be weak, and for this we only turn off the router, or restart it, which will make this failure disappear, and we can enjoy the game in the Xbox.

Check the status of Xbox Live: it does not hurt to take a tour of Xbox Live and check the status for this it is necessary to access https://support.xbox.com/xbox-live-status, there we will see all the detailed information, however, it doesn't hurt to be aware of future updates.

Reinstall the game: there are some occasions that this failure occurs to us, and we only need to uninstall and reinstall the game again to solve it.

 In this sense, knowing how to repair error code 0x87e50014 allows you to apply some of these simple solutions to Xbox and continue enjoying everything that it brings to you.

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