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Xbox Series X: Backwards Compatibility - all you need to know

2019-12-16 10:26:59

What is Xbox Series X.

This is the new gaming hardware of the next generation of Xbox that some months ago we met as Project Scarlett. Today it already has an official name and even an aesthetic, which resembles the tower of a PC.

Among its many new Backwards Compatibility with previous versions, but what is this, we make it clear right away.

What it is and how compatibility with previous versions works in the Xbox Series X.

Also known as Backwards Compatibility, the feature allows you to run games from previous versions on the console with the feature. In other words, compatibility with previous versions of previous games in the Xbox Series X, of course, in case the team decides to include it in the new console. Although usually the consoles that have implemented this tool has been a bit limited or at least not as large as many would expect. But it is believed that Microsoft wants to break this into its new generation by saying: "Thousands of your favorite games across four generations of games" will be supported in the new generation.

But the compatibility with previous versions in the Xbox Series X would seem quite limited if only the Xbox One games were compatible, so the developers wanted to go further and announced that the new console will support "four generations of games", for What your Xbox 360 games will also be playable in the future Xbox Series X. Although it is not very clear if the entire Xbox 360 game library will be compatible with the new generation or if only Xbox 360 games that were updated to play on Xbox One will be compatible, unfortunately it is still too early to know this, let's have Note that the premiere of the new generation is expected to be by December 2020.

As for the controls, Microsoft has said that "all your Xbox One gaming accessories" are also covered by compatibility with previous versions. So if you did not know whether to buy the new generation controller or keep that of your Xbox One, you already know the answer. But as we mentioned it is still very early, it is possible that the controls of other manufacturers also work in the new generation, as well as other accessories such as those of Guitar Hero Live.

This is all that is known for now about compatibility with previous versions in the Xbox Series X, you have to let some time pass to know if Microsoft decides to release more information about its new console, so we will be very attentive about Anything that could come out about it. Meanwhile you can review our previous guide in which we talk more in general about the new Xbox hardware.

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