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Today we bring a Xbox Series X / S guide where we will explain how to fix stuck Xbox buttons.

What Causes Xbox Buttons Stuck On Xbox Series X / S?

Sometimes we find ourselves with this type of situation and this can be quite a tedious matter, sometimes we are in the middle of some interesting action, and we will see how our character has difficulties to move comfortably, so that it is necessary to know how to repair buttons Xbox stuck and in this way continue to play correctly.

Knowing how to repair stuck Xbox buttons is usually highly important and in this sense it is necessary to take into account the factors that may cause this inconvenience, these are:

  • Dirt and dust mixed, this is a combination that occurs regularly in the Xbox Series X / S knob
  • Sweat and fat that may be present on our hands.
  • Crumbs, food scraps, sometimes we eat, and small scraps fall off, these can get embedded in the buttons causing this problem.

How to fix stuck Xbox buttons on Xbox Series X / S?

Fortunately, there is a solution for this stuck button problem, here are some of them:
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Choose to rub the cotton buttons with alcohol: this is a very favorable action and that does not usually cause any inconvenience, it is a cleaning that we can do when we begin to notice that there is some stickiness, we must have the Xbox Series X / S remote unplugged, and proceed to Dip a cotton swab in alcohol, then we proceed to rub the swab around the button that has the problem, we must try to reach the cracks as possible, the alcohol will do its cleaning job.

It is good to keep in mind that we must go around the button several times, generate some pressure so that this allows to loosen the dirt and allow the control to dry, this usually happens quite quickly and as it is a fairly small amount it does not usually affect the nothing.

Choose to disassemble the controller: this is another alternative to know how to repair stuck Xbox buttons and this is a somewhat more invasive job with which it is usually necessary to be careful, this is usually done to clean thoroughly, we must consider that to apply this technique of Cleaning can ruin the warranty of the same, it is good to do it when the command is out of warranty that the risk does not really have a major impact, in this sense, you can use some tutorials that exist on the network and have the necessary tool kit, I don't particularly recommend this option.

Replace the Xbox Series X / S swim:
this is an option in case of testing the solutions, and they work for us, here we must consider that if our controller still has a warranty we can initiate a service order, this allows us to have Microsoft assistance Otherwise, either we take it to a technician in case he can repair it, or we go for the action that usually occurs more regularly, replace it with a new one.

In general terms, knowing How to fix stuck Xbox buttons allows us to take a look and run a cleanup, so that it can allow us to continue enjoying Xbox Series X / S normally.

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