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Lidia Rozo
2023-04-11 16:29:47

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Learn how to get Noblegarden Chocolates in World of Warcraft and enjoy the spring season in the game!

Are you ready for some Easter-themed fun in World of Warcraft? Noblegarden is an annual event in WoW that celebrates the spring season with egg hunts, chocolate treats, and other festive activities. One of the highlights of this event is the opportunity to collect Noblegarden Chocolates, a special currency that can be exchanged for various rewards.If you're new to Noblegarden or just want to maximize your chocolate earnings, here are some tips on how to get Noblegarden Chocolates in World of Warcraft.

Completing Noblegarden Quests

During the event, there are several quests available that reward Noblegarden Chocolates upon completion. These quests typically involve collecting eggs, dressing up in a bunny suit, or assisting the local townsfolk with various tasks.

To complete these quests quickly and efficiently, here are some tips:

  • Use a mount or ability that increases your movement speed, such as a druid's Travel Form or a paladin's Pursuit of Justice talent.
  •  Group up with other players to complete quests faster and share credit for egg collecting or other objectives.
  •  Check your map and minimap regularly for quest markers and egg locations.

Egg Hunts

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Another way to earn Noblegarden Chocolates is by participating in egg hunts. During the event, brightly colored eggs will appear in various locations throughout Azeroth. These eggs can be opened to reveal chocolate treats, as well as other items like clothing, pets, and even mounts.

To maximize your chocolate earnings through egg hunts, here are some tips:

  •  Use a macro or add-on that targets nearby eggs and highlights them on your screen.
  •  Visit less popular locations or servers to avoid competition from other players.
  •  Consider using a character with a high level or stealth ability to access hard-to-reach egg locations.

Daily Great Egg Hunt Quest

In addition to the regular quests and egg hunts, there is also a daily quest available during Noblegarden. The Great Egg Hunt quest requires players to collect 20 Noblegarden Chocolates and rewards a Blossoming Branch, which can be used to transform into a rabbit for a short period of time.

To complete the daily quest quickly and efficiently, here are some tips:

  •  Focus on egg hunts and other quests that reward Noblegarden Chocolates to reach the 20-chocolate requirement.
  •  Use a mount or ability that increases your movement speed to collect eggs faster.
  •  Group up with other players to share credit for egg collecting and complete the quest faster.


Noblegarden Chocolates can be exchanged for a variety of rewards during the event, including clothing, pets, mounts, and consumables. Some of the most popular rewards include the Spring Rabbit's Foot, a mount that transforms the rider into a rabbit, and the Mystical Spring Bouquet, which summons a cloud of flowers.

To prioritize which rewards to aim for based on your personal preferences, here are some tips:

  • Check online resources like WoWhead or the official WoW website to see all available rewards and their chocolate costs.
  •  Consider the rarity and uniqueness of each reward when deciding which ones to prioritize.
  •  Keep in mind that some rewards may require more chocolate than others, so plan accordingly.

Noblegarden is a fun and festive event in World of Warcraft that offers plenty of opportunities to earn Noblegarden Chocolates and other rewards. By following these tips, you can make the most of your time during the event and collect all the chocolate treats your heart desires. Happy hunting!

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