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Today we bring you an explanatory guide on How To Get Embrace of the Lycan in WoW Classic SoD with precise details.

What to know about the werewolf's embrace in WoW Classic SoD?

With the launch of Phase 3 in the game we have numerous elements found in the dungeons, designed specifically for those of us in the level range of 40 to 50, but now they have gone through updates. One of those items is the Lycanthrope's Embrace, a leather helmet that went from being a rare and ordinary item to becoming one of the most important pieces of equipment, for those of us looking to know How To Get Embrace of the Lycan in WoW Classic SoD let's take into consideration the following content of this guide, let's see.

How To Get Embrace of the Lycan in WoW Classic SoD?

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It's good to consider that the method of obtaining the Lycan's Embrace has remained largely unchanged, the Lycan's Embrace is a piece of leather head armor that serves as a pre-BiS piece of equipment for several classes in Phase 3. It's even featured as the best option for certain classes. In Vanilla WoW, Embrace of the Werewolf was available, but underwent stat adjustments for the game. Back in Vanilla, the set provided STR, STAM, and Spirit. However, in WoW SoD, Embrace of the Lycan replaced the Spirit stat with Agility, while also increasing its Strength and Stamina bonuses. It still grants +32 AP like it did in vanilla, and still requires a character to be level 45 to use it.

For those of us seeking to obtain the precious item known as the Lycanthrope's Embrace, we must venture into the depths of Zul'Farrak. Here, in the middle of the final stretch of the dungeon, there is the opportunity to acquire the coveted possession from the hands of the formidable Chief Ukorz Sandscalp. However, it is not a simple effort to reach the end and repeatedly interact with the boss until the desired result is achieved, to unlock the possibility of facing the Ukorz Sandscalp Boss and obtain this item, we must first complete the intimidating Pyramid of Zul'Farrak. This involves ascending the pyramid and defending ourselves from hordes of trolls on the way down. Upon success in this task, one last obstacle remains: the treacherous Sergeant Bly and his comrades, who will betray the group when they reach the bottom.

Only when the goblin from Sergeant Bly's group detonates the sealed entrance will we be able to access the path to the boss Ukorz Sandscalp. As we traverse the central slope and face the Boss, the chance of receiving the Lycanthrope's Hug is estimated at approximately 10%, so it is necessary to complete several full runs of the dungeon to increase the chance of obtaining it. An alternative way to accumulate Wild Offerings, which is necessary to complete the Wild Gods questline in SoD Phase 3, is to interact with Gahz'Rilla in Zul'Farrak. This questline grants players the Rune of the Wild Gods, which can then be used to farm for both the Lycanthrope's Embrace and Wild Offerings in Zul'Farrak.

We can conclude that knowing How To Get Embrace of the Lycan in WoW Classic SoD is easier than we thought thanks to these instructions in this guide, we just have to do it to get the best out of this element.

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