Lidia Rozo
2020-09-01 11:53:18

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Our adventure for Windbound simply allows us to get with many enemies, let's see today How to defeat a Gorehorn

What is a Gorehorn in Windbound?

Surviving is our most important task and therefore it is necessary to get rid of the enemies, precisely one of them is Gorehorn, who is a creature that we get in this game, and for which it is necessary to make use of some strategy to defeat it, this is not a simple task and this is because she has 4 legs something similar to a rhinoceros, by knocking her down it is possible to obtain some number of necessary recipes, only this is not an easy task, it is truly huge.

How to defeat a Gorehorn in Windbound?

A tactic that we can use is to dodge, because it is not possible to hurt her if we hit her to the front, it is necessary to hit her on the sides of her back with some shots, which simply presents us with two options on the one hand: her health It will be going down and that is favorable, but on the other hand, that this creature tries to flee, which makes us have to work harder, because it is time to use the spear or the bow to attack, doing it approximately close to it can be lethal for us since it opted to offer us some blows with its legs, it is also necessary to understand that this creature actually usually has a few blows and usually uses them when it is severely threatened.
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Hitting his feet can become favorable only that it must be done from a certain distance, it is necessary to avoid at all costs a frontal attack that in addition to his back kick, which leads us to prepare Koro to aim at him and then dodge well either at the right or left, getting the blows we offer to knock it down and with it on the ground everything changes, because we are offered the opportunity to restore our health and this means that it will be necessary to take some meat, cook it and eat it. we have the possibility of taking its crest.

Definitely, knowing how to defeat a Gorehorn is a necessary task, because even though it can be formidable, it is vital since replenishing our resistance is simply our best option, since we must survive at all costs in Windbound.