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2022-08-22 09:47:41

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As we get into the games we are shown some interesting mechanics and for this reason we will tell you How to use Raw Accel for Valorant.

What is Raw Accel for Valorant?

This is nothing more than an advanced shooting mechanic that offers us a considerable list of characters, in this case it is necessary to know How to use Raw Accel for Valorant because it usually improves performance and can be used on PC, this Raw Accel is nothing more than a controller that we can take care of customizing to achieve mouse acceleration, so that we are allowed to aim at enemies and convert our characters, this mechanic allows us to achieve abilities that allow us to defeat enemies to generate shots correctly.

How to use Raw Accel for Valorant?

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  • This mechanic allows us to customize the sensitivity of the mouse, in addition to making it advanced.
  • In this case, to have low sensitivity and target opponents effectively.
  • This mechanic allows us to quickly turn our character around and target the opponent who usually comes from behind.
  • It should be noted that high and low sensitivity implies making use of Raw Accel, this is because this program has an interface that is usually easy to understand.
  • It is good to know that this driver allows you to customize the mouse acceleration so that it will be low when moving slowly and allow the mouse to move fast.

In this sense, knowing How to use Raw Accel for Valorant allows us to have more efficient mobility.

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