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2024-05-27 23:50:41

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Today we bring you an explanatory guide on How to fix the VAN 84 error in VALORANT.

VALORANT is an incredible game that tends to test all your skills as a player, while having fun in the process, unfortunately, not everything is as perfect as it sounds, since like most online games, this one tends to suffer. errors and server problems, which prevent you from fully enjoying the game experience, and one of the most annoying is VAN 48.

What causes VAN error 84 in VALORANT?

It is important that you know that this error tends to be mainly due to server-side problems, however it can also occur due to some local internet connection problem. When VALORANT servers fail, the VAN error 48 usually occurs, which prevents them from accessing the functions, which is completely annoying after a long day where you just want to disconnect from reality and play for a while.

I'll tell you my experience with this uncomfortable problem, since recently, while trying to access a ranked game, the VAN 48 error ended up expelling me from the server several times. I tried to follow the instructions to solve it, however, nothing happened. Although this was a pretty annoying moment, by trying to solve this error on my own I learned a lot of things that can help you, so read on and find out what I got.

How to fix the VAN 84 error in VALORANT

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Verifying Server Status

Before initiating troubleshooting procedures, it's crucial to confirm the operational status of VALORANT servers. A widespread outage causing VAN 84 errors might be under investigation by Riot Games. You can check their official service status page or social media channels for updates. If a server-side issue exists, the error should resolve itself once rectified. 

Troubleshooting Steps:

  • 1. Network Restart: Initiate troubleshooting by restarting your network equipment (modem and router). This can often resolve temporary network glitches that might be causing the error.
  • 2. System Reboot: Rebooting your computer can also be beneficial, clearing temporary system caches and processes that might be conflicting with VALORANT.
  • 3. Internet Verification:  Ensure a stable and functioning internet connection. Running an internet speed test can confirm if your connection meets the recommended specifications for VALORANT.
  • 4. IPv6 Disabling (Optional): While less common, some users have reported success by disabling IPv6 on their network settings. Consult your network provider for specific instructions on disabling IPv6.
  • 5. Conflicting Software Check: Certain background applications might interfere with VALORANT. Try closing programs like the Killer Prioritization Engine, as reported by some users to cause the VAN 84 error.  You can also try forcefully closing the VGC service and letting it reload to see if that resolves the issue.
  • 6. Official Support Resources: Consult the official VALORANT support website for the latest troubleshooting guides and known issues related to the VAN 84 error. Search online for "Valorant Support" to access their support page.
  • 7. Game File Repair: The Riot Client offers a functionality to repair corrupted game files. This can potentially fix issues caused by missing or damaged game data within your VALORANT installation.
  • 8. Reinstallation (Last Resort): If prior steps fail to resolve the issue, consider reinstalling VALORANT as a last resort. This ensures a clean installation and eliminates any potential software conflicts.
  • 9. VPN Usage Caution: While some users report success using a VPN to connect to a different server, be cautious. VPNs can introduce latency (delays) that negatively impact your gameplay experience. Utilize VPNs only if other solutions are exhausted.

This is everything you need to know about How to fix the VAN 84 error in VALORANT, we hope that this guide helps you and you can solve this annoying and uncomfortable error that prevents you from relaxing and enjoying the incredible experiences that VALORANT has to offer you.

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