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We invite you to discover How to Fix Valorant Has Encountered a Connection Error? with our guide today.

Connection errors in Valorant can be frustrating and prevent you from enjoying the game. This document presents a formal and technical analysis of the common causes of these errors and the corresponding solutions.

Causes of connection errors

Network issues

  • Unstable internet connection: A poor or fluctuating internet connection can interrupt communication with Valorant servers, resulting in errors.
  • DNS configuration issues: Incorrect DNS settings can prevent your device from properly communicating with the game servers.
  • Network interference: Bandwidth-consuming applications in the background can congest the network, affecting the game connection.

Software issues

  • Firewall or antivirus settings: Firewalls and antiviruses can block Valorant from connecting by mistake.
  • Valorant client issues: Corrupt or outdated files in the game client can cause connection errors.

Server Issues

  • Server Maintenance: Riot Games performs periodic server maintenance that may cause temporary outages.
  • Infrastructure Issues: Technical issues on Riot Games servers can cause widespread connection errors.

How to Fix Valorant Has Encountered a Connection Error?

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Check your internet connection

  • Make sure you have a stable and robust internet connection.
  • If you're using Wi-Fi, switch to a wired connection if possible.
  • Check your internet connection speed on sites like or

Troubleshoot network settings

  • Flush the DNS cache by running the ipconfig /flushdns command at the Command Prompt.
  • Reset your IP settings by running the netsh int ip reset command at the Command Prompt.
  • Check your firewall and antivirus settings to make sure Valorant isn't blocked.

Troubleshoot Valorant client issues

  • Update Valorant to the latest version in the game client.
  • Repair Valorant using the repair option in the game client.
  • If issues persist, uninstall and reinstall Valorant.

Check server status

  • Visit the Riot Games Server Status website ( to check for any known issues with the servers.

We hope this guide helps you troubleshoot the issue, if you still experience connection issues after following these steps, please contact Riot Games Support for further assistance.

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