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Today we bring for you a Valorant guide where we will tell you about How to play the initiating agents.

What to know about initiating agents in Valorant?


 By means of an initiator you can be more competitive, with which we get to initiate the entrance to the area, managing to have the locations of our enemies and be able to clear the corners and cubicles for our team, certainly attacking and defending is complex, now looking for answers of How to play initiator agents there are a series of indications that will be presented below in this guide, let's see.


How to play initiator agents in Valorant?


 There are 5 initiators at our disposal, but they are presented with different roles even though they can be seen in the same categories, starting from the configuration of the skills they possess, it is appropriate in terms of How to play the initiating agents in Valorant that we are very well familiar with the gameplay and for this there is the following:


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    •  Unfulfillment: this has AoE skills, with the possibility of clearing areas that correspond to open spaces and cubicles, here we have skills of a double-edged sword, because if we use it incorrectly in Valorant we will damage our teammates, for that reason it may be appropriate to play passively, this initiator works with aggressiveness for greater effectiveness, in terms of how to play the initiating agents using this we have to be aggressive with the use of skills, thereby eliminating the risk to our teammates by the skills we have.
    •  Sova: through this we have the focus on accessing what is on the map through a pair of skills in Valorant, being these Recon Arrows and Owl Drone, both take time for us to reach the target, then having a teammate in position we will have greater effectiveness in terms of how to play the initiating agents, gaining access to information by these skills almost instantly, it is actually a support initiator that reveals locations of enemies for our team to take care of directly.
    • Cielo: this can serve in different roles including that of initiator in Valorant, depending on the situation that arises, in the case of How to play the initiating agents we have that Skye's Trailblazer and Guiding Light skills have greater effectiveness when our teammates take advantage of the results of the same, the first of these serves to lead the entrance to the place while the duelist ends up cleaning the enemies that are affected with the stun or illuminated by the skills, we can also use these for clearing and searching for enemies in different areas of the map.
    •  KAY/O: in Valorant we have this initiator the best flash skill, being flashes with similarities to the grenade, the skills work effectively even without us having the help of our teammates, swinging and clearing the areas are the great qualities in terms of How to play the initiator agents, being necessary to clear the sites that are common with the intention of camping by where the bombs are, it is a situation more to the support or fragger with aggressiveness.
    • Fade: we find that the collection of information is the objective of the skills that has this in Valorant, this passively so that our team manages to create and access the space surrounding the bombs, as for How to play the initiating agents we have that the ability of Haunt is similar to the Recon Bold of Sova, because it allows to reveal the space around the bombs, but here our companions can take advantage of staying behind to increase the coverage of the skill, apart from Haunt there are also Prowler and Seize, which are useful knowing the location of the enemies, with the role of fragmenter is to go against the mechanics of the skills, we must stay behind, gather information and continue with the other skills until we find the enemies.

    Finally, now that we know how to play
    initiator  agents, we can move on to Valorant.

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