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Angel Marquez
2022-06-23 05:13:07

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With our Valorant guide you will learn more about how to fix the low FPS client error.

What to know about the low FPS client error in Valorant?

 This occurs the instant we run recording software in the background, causing a drop in frame rate in the menu and in-game, those of us using AMD cards are mostly affected considering the Instant Replay feature of this software, we will go through slowdown in a game where it is important to react quickly, which is very tedious to keep us playing, now looking to be aware of how to solve the low FPS client error, we can support ourselves with the content that this guide will present to then let's see it.

How to fix low client FPS error in Valorant?

 A set of possible solutions will be presented as to how to solve the low FPS error of the client in Valorant and by applying them the normality of the game is possible, these are the following:
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  • Disable Instant Replay Feature – Our first option to consider as to how to fix the low FPS client error is this, considering we have an AMD graphics card, we will go into the Radeon settings to disable this feature in Valorant.
  • Deactivate the AMD ReLive function: without us being successful with the previous option we can apply this deactivation.
  • Deactivate full screen optimization: we can apply this option in Valorant if we have not achieved anything with the previous ones, for this we will go to the file directory corresponding to the installation of the game, the file to look for is VALORANT-win64-shipping.exe, We will right click on it to access the properties, in the compatibility option we will mark disable full screen optimization as to how to solve the low FPS client error.
  • Check for other overlays: This error may be caused by the Radeon overlay, but there are some programs that have one as well, these being Discord, Xbox Game Bar, XSplit, OBS, and Game DVR all cause this in Valorant, what we will do is disable this to see what happens with the problem.
  • Enable VGC service: As for how to solve the low FPS error of the client, this is a possible solution, for this we enter the system configuration to go to the services, we find the VGC service that is not created by Riot Vanguard, making sure that it is found active and restart our PC.


 In the event that nothing is achieved by applying all the possible solutions, it is appropriate to see the issue of pending game updates to install them and try again, in which case we can contact the support team to access further support.

 This way we end our Valorant guide, now you know how to fix client low FPS error, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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