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2022-10-13 22:29:29

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With our guide you will learn more about How to fix Valorant VAN9001 Secure Boo.

What to know about VAN9001 Secure Boot from Valorant?

  It is a problem that turns out to be very annoying, which prevents access to the game and therefore it will not even be possible to play, this occurs due to the security that the game presents against cheats, only this causes some problems to those of us who are not aware of cheating and not of the real targets, it could be considered an additional damage as an effect, now if we want to be aware of How to repair VAN9001 secure boot of Valorant we need to guide ourselves with the following content, let's see it.

How to fix Valorant VAN9001 Secure Boo?

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It is important that we have TPM and Secure Boot enabled on our PC, which will take us to go to the BIOS, being necessary that we press delete in full startup or we will go to the following instructions:

 We will go to configuration where we will see update and security, in recovery is the advanced start, here we give it to restart now.

The restart of our PC will be presented, becoming in a new menu.

We will choose here to solve problems, in advanced options the UEFI firmware configuration is presented and we click on restart to access the BIOS.

Being in this, the advanced mode must be activated and the TPM must be enabled, in the AMD compilations it is labeled as TPM and in the Intel ones as PTT.

With the TPM enabled we will look for secure boot, which is under start and we enable secure boot here.

The next thing is to configure it in standard so that it can be executed on our PC.

We will save and exit so that the changes are confirmed.

 With the instructions above we should have solved the problem, considering that this error occurs due to the use of a preliminary version of Windows 11, where the security functions are running and in this Windows 11 we cannot play without having the TPM 2.0 activated, the error is related to Windows 11 despite having the latest update, in which case we can help by contacting Riot Games for additional support and a communication channel can be Twitter @RiotSupport.

 This way we end our guide, now you know How to Fix Valorant VAN9001 Secure Boot, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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