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In the universe of GTA Online we have many tasks, one of them is How to get GTA Online Horror Pumpkin Mask and Pumpkin Tee.

What to know about GTA Online's pumpkin mask and pumpkin t-shirt?

  These are elements that come with the recent Halloween 2022 update, presenting an event with themed vehicles that we can unlock, among the rewards we have the pumpkin mask and the pumpkin t-shirt, now to know how to get them, let's see what the following details bring us.


How to get GTA Online Horror Pumpkin Mask and Pumpkin Tee?

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    It is required to gather 10 Jack O' Lanterns, which are presented throughout the map, adding at the same time $ 50,000 for the obstacles, this will place us that by obtaining 200 Jack O' Lanterns we will be able to receive the pumpkin t-shirt and other $ 50,000, it should be noted that the availability of these is until November, when the Halloween event will culminate, these 200 miniature pumpkins are scattered throughout the game map, with the bright orange color we can still find these easily, in reference points acquaintances will come to be, even randomly there are some on the porches of houses, it is something that will take time and that will be worth doing.

     In the city of los santos and its surroundings they will offer us many of these, it is important that we start in the south of the city as we move north, through Blaine county and around Mount Chiliad there will be the rest, only that they will look scattered and easy to find from the bottom up.

     We can conclude that knowing how to get GTA Online Horror Pumpkin Mask and Pumpkin Tee shirt is easier than thought, you just have to follow the instructions to achieve it.

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