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Today we bring you a Valorant guide where we tell you how to play replication mode, let's see.

What is replication mode in Valorant?

  This game has achieved a pretty good boom and for that reason it is planned to attach more things, in this sense, the replication mode that this asset is planned for this May 25 usually occurs, here we will see some changes, rules and above all we will have the possibility of get a different gaming experience.

How to play replication mode in Valorant?

  Once this mode is fully available it is possible to have:
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    The rules.

    •  Best of nine peaks game mode.
    • 80 second rounds.
    • 45 second pistol round, this usually features subsequent 30 second rounds.
    • Players on the same team must play with the same agent.
    • To select the agent, a vote must be taken prior to each round.
    • Skills will refresh in each round except for Ultimates.
    • It is possible to get 1 ultimatum point for each round at the start of the round, with the exception of overtime rounds.
    • According to the victory or the defeat the amount of credits is obtained.


     In the case of credits per round, it is possible to get:


    •  900.
    • 2400.
    • 3900.
    • 6000.


    Other aspects.

    •  We must consider that both the weapon and the shield usually reset in each round.
    • It is possible to receive a Flashguard and for this it is necessary to have received two flashes in a 4 second window.
    • The flashguard has a duration of only 5 seconds but it is usually essential to avoid being blinded.


    The case of XP in replication mode, here it is necessary to consider:


    •  The XP stats are usually the same as in unranked mode.
    • There is a possibility of receiving 100XP for each round.
    • It is possible to receive an extra 200XP if you win the round.


     There are some interesting details to take into account in this replication mode and they are:


    •  It is possible to try to fight according to the strengths of our character.
    • We can make use of our character's abilities to the fullest.
    • We must learn to accumulate the skills of our character.
    • Our entire team usually contains the same characters, which makes it necessary to execute team strategies to win.
    • Reckless abandon gives us the ability to use our full skill in replication rounds.
    • This is a relaxed enough mode that it is not usually worrying about losses.
    • It is possible to reach the top and for this it is necessary to embark on this experience.

    This is all we can tell you about how to play replication mode, in such a way that it allows us to enjoy Valorant even more.

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