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The action in valorant doesn't stop, so today we are going to explain how to chat to all in precise details.

Why chat to all in valorant?

It is possible that we may find ourselves in need of talking to a group, which is something phenomenal, even with enemies it is possible to have to talk, this can be advantageous at the time of any game that we play, even in order to express some kind of support, which if it is necessary for us to take into account how to chat to all and this guide will present the necessary steps to follow, just pay attention.
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    How to chat chat to all in Valorant?

    It is necessary that in order to chat to all we press Shift Enter so that we have access to the chat, or write to / all, the words that precede our character in the words that are in parentheses are a form of orientation regarding what chat we are writing , where team is a message for those on our side but if it is all going to include the enemy team as well, broadcast has to do with those messages that will automatically be played when we get to do some request a weapon or make any purchase to another participant, you have to be quick if we want to say something on the other side, this is because the games in the game are actually fast to close, which means, if we are already in the score is too late, once we are disconnected from the games it is possible to view the statistics, which is correct to give encouragement perhaps before leaving.

     Finally, now that we know how to chat to all, it is possible to continue enjoying Valorant.

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