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Valheim has managed to generate interesting work for us and this leads us to tell you where to find chain, let's see.

What is Chain in Valheim?

  This is simply a necessary element that we must obtain and you can be highly favorable in the manufacture of some implements, it should be noted that obtaining them is not exactly an easy task because they are usually found when eliminating enemies, however, knowing where to find the chain represents embarking on a necessary quest to execute once we manage to defeat the second abandoned boss.

  Chain is a necessary element for:


  •   Make the wolf armor.
  • 4 chains can be used to unlock and build forge bellows.

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Where to find Chain in Valheim?

There are two places where it is possible to get them and for our good fortune both locations are within the swamp biome, these places are:

Chain of the dungeon of the sunken crypts: It should be noted that entering the sunken crypts requires having the key to the swamp, which makes us have to deal with defeating the Elder, because when he is defeated he will drop a key, necessary to unlock these crypts, it is good to keep in mind that all this usually occurs in the same biome and it is necessary to drag ourselves through the dungeon to get some resources, this usually occurs specifically in the meadows of black forests and it is worth mentioning that the resources that we can get here are:


  •  Dugeon chain.
  • Coins.
  • Ancient barks.
  • Withered bones.


 Chain of ghosts: there is another place where the chain can be found and for this it is necessary to go to the disabled houses, because here we must consider a melee fight against the ghosts that are actually a type of flying creatures that do not usually have a face , The detail is that they have a purple cloak and this makes it somewhat complex, therefore we must equip ourselves with armor when we agree to fight these creatures, for our good fortune these are also usually obtained in the biome of the swamps, it is only necessary to defeat them so that they drop the chain and in this way take it and give it the respective use.

 Definitely, knowing where to find chain allows us to embark on an interesting search that offers us the possibility of manufacturing some vital implements in Valheim.

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