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For this article, we have prepared everything you need to know about how to use portals to teleport in Valheim.

What are the portals in Valheim for?

Far from being an interdimensional artifact, the portals will allow you to teleport within the same game, something similar if we think about it. The important thing is that this element will allow you to go from one point to another in just seconds.

How to use portals to teleport in Valheim?

Before telling, you how to teleport, you should keep in mind that by teleporting, you immediately return to your currently linked portal, that is, you can only go between two portals at a time. So make sure you register your base correctly and use the correct portal.

Also, you should know that the most valuable materials cannot be teleported, more than just the most common materials. If you have in your inventory, some material with a red line through it, it means that it will not teleport and if you try to do it you will lose it.
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Having all this clear. In order to teleport, you will have to build portals, and in order to do so you will need to kill the first boss and then the raven will tell you about the Black Forest biome. Go to the forest in search of the skeletons that guard the access to a type of dungeon where inside, you will find turtle nuclei.

In order to build the portal, you will need the following materials:

  • 2 Surtling Cores.
  • 10x Greydwarf Eyes.
  • 25x Fine Wood.

When you have the portal materials, you will have to build one in your base, then you will have to take the materials for a workbench and for another portal, to the place where you want to travel from your base and return.

  That's everything you need to know about how to use portals to teleport in Valheim and now that you know, we hope you can move more efficiently through the game when you need to.

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