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How to make a wolf armor in Valheim?

We find that there are a total of 3 pieces of wolf armor in the game, these being a chest, legs and cape, it is possible to do it when we have found Silver, in the mountain biome is the place to find this resource, so it is underground in said biome, so in the meantime we must use another method against the cold, with the mead base we have one of those options, specifically with the resistance to frost in a cauldron we can create it, then ferment it In this way, it is possible to avoid the cold at least for a while when ingesting it, only that it takes some time and resources to make the mead, it is appropriate to use bonfires and bonfires in this place, because if we move between them, it is possible avoid damage by cold, regardless of the option we make, we only have to have at least one iron pick and one stone of wishes, what we will do with the pick is the extraction of silver that is necessary to create a forge, while l The stone of wishes allows to locate the silver with ease, which through the third boss we obtain, it is Bonemass.

When we have both objects and use any of the options to defend ourselves from the cold, what we will do is go to the biome with the Wishbone activated, then reach the area until green sparks emanate from our character, it is necessary that we dig down if It presents this effect very frequently which will lead us to silver, and it is here where we will use the iron pick to extract the mineral and be able to access the wolf armor, now to make it, it is important to have the materials, these being the following:


  •  Silver x20, wolf skins x5 and chain x1 are required for the chest of the armor
  • For the legs we need silver x20, wolf skins x5 and wolf fangs x4
  • Silver x4, wolf skins x6 and wolf trophy x1 are required for the cape


Now that you know how to make a wolf armor, you can take the time to make it and in this way continue the tour of Valheim.

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