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Activities are the order of the day at Valheim and this allows us to tell you How to make beehives to harvest honey.

What is honey in Valheim?

It is an important resource with which we can create different potions, certainly through the forest we can obtain it, but the rearing of the honeycomb is adequate to achieve a constant and stable supply, only that we must consider the fact of looking for honey from Nature through the hives becomes complicated, the reason is that the bees are living in these hives and are aggressive, honey is obtained in old houses, but being close to the bees we will be attacked, for this reason it is safer to understand How to make beehives to harvest honey and that is what will be explained next, let's see.

How to make beehives to harvest honey in Valheim?

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First we will look for a hive, we destroy it and remove the queen bee from it, with it, we will make a beehive, because the bees are in charge of following the queen, certainly we must consider that not all hives are going to release a queen, but When we get it we have the option of creating the hive, only that some resources are required such as wood x10 and queen bee x1, having it ready is ideal to put the hive in an optimal place for rest, then we hope that a few days will pass, and we will see how there Bees working, now by approaching this hive we will know that they are happy, thus managing to take advantage of the honey for the different possibilities of used to give it in the game.

Definitely, knowing How to make beehives to harvest honey allows us to carry out one of the most interesting tasks in Valheim.

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