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This time we return with a UFC 4 guide with the objective of explaining how to do a flying knee.

What to know about the flying knee in UFC 4?

First of all it is necessary that we know how to run, for this we will use the left lever in the direction of the opponent on a couple of occasions and keep it towards the direction of this, taking into account the knowledge of this we can make modifications, which is a movement of greater mortal damage, with the flying knee, in the content of this guide we will be able to learn how to do a flying knee, let's pay close attention from here.
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How to do a flying knee in UFC 4?

When we start to run we have to press RT A or B on the Xbox or on the PS4 R2 X or O, now if we want to make changes of career strokes we have to press X or Y instead of A and B, being on the Xbox RT X or Y, while on the PS4 it is R2 Square or Triangle, we must always keep in mind the space that is necessary to make this movement, considering the little that exists in the octagon, so it may be the best opportunity to shorten the distance.

Knowing how to do a flying knee is interesting, since it allows us to unwind and have more fun in UFC 4.

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