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We invite you to discover How to catch shiny Roggenrola, a new task in Pokémon Go.

What to know about Roggenrola in Pokémon Go?

The first time this Pokemon was seen was black and white, which is part of the Unova region, so we have added it in this interesting week, which allows an increase in the rate of appearance of many creatures, we will have like this the opportunity to catch it and evolve it, now for this we have to see How to catch brilliant Roggenrola and in the next content of this guide we will see the answers we need, let's just pay close attention from now on.
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    How to catch shiny Roggenrola in Pokémon Go?

    Unova week is until August 21, thus increasing the chances of the appearance of a normal or shiny Roggenrola, this happened in nature and even in some battles, in order to capture it it is important that we go for all the Pokémon that They occur in nature, which can lead us to hope that our target appears during this week when its chances of appearing are greater.

    In the case of wanting to evolve it, it is necessary 50 candies to turn it into Boldore, which will lead us to the need to capture 13 more, while returning it from Boldore to Gigalith is more complicated, requiring an amount of 200 candies, but another A less stressful possibility is trading, for this we will make an exchange with a friend and therefore no candy, a shiny Roggenrola is possible to obtain this week, so we must take advantage and succeed with some luck as a key factor too.

    It is evident that knowing how to catch shiny Roggenrola allows us to have more fun in Pokémon Go

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