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2024-04-16 09:37:41

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Today we bring you an explanatory guide, in which we will talk to you about How to get Hollow Box in Roblox Type Soul with precise details.

What to know about Hollow Box in Roblox Type Soul?

It is an element that allows us to access weapons randomly. If the result is a hollow weapon that we do not consider suitable, it is ideal that we seek to obtain another hollow box, with this we will have the opportunity to access a better weapon, That is the importance of knowing How to get Hollow Box in Roblox Type Soul and we can guide ourselves with this guide and its following content.

How to get Hollow Box in Roblox Type Soul?

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As this item is exclusive to Hollows, it is not accessible to other beings. Once we have established our Hollow identity, the next thing we will do is participate in a raid on Karakura City and emerge victorious. These raids are carried out every hour according to the game's internal clock. To maximize our chances of success, we will join a server that has not yet completed the raid and participate in it. After 30 minutes of prevailing in the raid, we will go to the city of Karakura and continue along the outer road. We will keep an eye on a gray two-story house to our right, where we will find an NPC with striking white hair standing on the second floor balcony keeping in mind that this NPC will not appear until at least 30 minutes have passed since the completion of the incursion.

We have to win because if we lose the NPC will refuse to talk to us. In that case, we will have to wait until the next hour and try again. However, if we win, we can chat with her and discover the various items she has for sale, including the coveted Hollow Box that can be ours for 40,000 Kan. The Hollow Box may not be available for purchase at all. in that case we will need to win another raid and try our luck once again, because the NPC's inventory is random with each appearance, now we have the possibility that we can get a Hollow Box as a reward for winning a raid, but this is rare.

By obtaining the Hollow Box and adding it to our inventory, it becomes our possession. Even if we face death, the box will not fall or disappear, and there is no time limit to open it. To use it, we interact with it to begin the random generation process. will produce one of the following hollow weapons:

  • - Barragan's Ax
  • - Grimmjow's Claws
  • - Harribel's Dagger
  • - Spear of Neliel
  • - Nnoitra's Scythe
  • - Ulquiorra's Katana
  • - Wonderweiss Sword

We can conclude that knowing How to get Hollow Box in Roblox Type Soul allows us to function and have more fun while progressing in such a fast-paced game.

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