Edelmira Leon
2021-02-04 17:50:58

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Today we will tell you how to delete a clip in Twitch easily and quickly.

What is a Twitch clip?

These are items that appear next to each broadcast in Twitch that indicate possible options that you can apply to the broadcast. These clips can be used by anyone, but they can also be deleted, in order to prevent people from entering your previous broadcasts, and the people can only join the live broadcast.
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How to delete a clip One Twitch?

What you have to do first is enter the website, then log in, click on the icon of your profile then clip in Ceator Dashboard on your left select the option "Content" and then "Clips" you can select one or select several clips and then in the trash can icon at the top, and voila! your clips will be deleted after confirming if you are sure of the choice.

  We hope this article helps you so that you can easily delete One clip in Twitch.