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We welcome you to our Risk of Rain 2 guide where we will talk about How to defeat Mithrix.

What to know about Mithrix in Risk of Rain 2?

In this battle we will go through 4 different stages, so it is ideal to be aware of the events that we will face in each of them, Mithrix is a new final boss, he is on the moon and is good for combat, but with the strategies and knowledge it is possible to know how to defeat Mithrix and this is what will be explained in the next content of this guide, let's pay close attention to see what it is about.
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    How to defeat Mithrix in Risk of Rain 2?

    Mithrix's attacks in the first stage will seek to do us a lot of damage through hand-to-hand fighting, our strategies therefore will be to keep our distance, it is possible to create turrets, which will lead to being busy and others will cause damage. In order for the health bar of this enemy to fall, at this stage we must also consider a spatial ability that this enemy has, so if we want to solve How to defeat Mithrix we must avoid said attack with a jump, for this to be attentive to what this sends a shock wave in relation to said attack.

    Now we will have to face some enemies that Mithrix sent while he disappears in stage 2 of this combat, with which we defeat them we will enter the next stage of the combat, which will be something easy to achieve, we are already seeing in stage 3 the return of the boss to combat, bringing more enemies with him, once again it is necessary that we keep distance in the same way that we did in the first stage, we will also see again the shock wave with greater power than before, it also brings as new elements of attack the use of some rays instantly when it is going to move to the center of the arena in Risk of Rain 2, after all this we reach the end, stage 4, here we will be stolen by Mithrix, the objects that we have we will lose them and to recovering them we have to hurt him, but in the end with patience we will manage to defeat Mithrix.

     Finally, now that we know how to defeat Mithrix we can move on in Risk of Rain 2.

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