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Guide to learn how to get all the moves in career mode in UFC 4

  In career mode it is more than obvious that you will start from the lowest and you will climb the range and learn new movements, but while you are limited to the most basic in terms of blows and others. We will teach you all this in this guide so that you can learn new movements and advance in the game.
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How to get all the moves in career mode in UFC 4?

As you progress through the story you will see that to learn these new movements you will have to train with another UFC 4 fighter in a sparring session.

To do this, you must first be in training ground for an upcoming fight. Go to the Training Camp screen, which can be accessed by pressing RB / R1 at the start center in career mode. Scroll down and select Invite a fighter, which will allow you to select a sparring partner.

You can select fighters to train with, but you must bear in mind that not all of them will be available immediately so you will have to adapt to them and have patience to unlock the others.


Once you choose a fighter to train with, click on their image and then select which move you want to learn. Most fighters will only have one more that you can learn, but others will have more than one.

To select a move, toggle over it and select A / X. However, keep in mind that each combat session has a specific cost, so make sure you have enough time and cash to spend.

After selecting a move, you will proceed to the training session. To acquire the movement, you will have to hit your partner with the movement several times, until you get a specific score that the game itself will tell you. Once you reach the score, you can equip the move and use it during fights.

 Now that you know how to get all the moves in career mode in UFC 4 you can improve your skills and become a great fighter in the game.

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