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With our The Walking Dead Survivors guide you will learn more about How to fix error code 10001.

What to know about error code 10001 in The Walking Dead Survivors?


It is a problem that occurs in our mobile at the time of starting or entering the game, this is apparently related to the connection to the server, this code indicates that you can not connect to the server, that the connection is checked to try again, looking to address How to correct the error code 10001 we have by this guide a group of initiations to follow and for this let's see the following.


How to fix error code 10001 in The Walking Dead Survivors?

There are many options that we can consider regarding How to fix error code 10001 in The Walking Dead Survivors, being necessary to take care of the possible deficiencies of our internet that can cause interruptions, we have to apply the following indications:


  •  Check the internet: taking into account that the error is related connectivity with the server it is possible that there is some inconvenience with our internet on our side, it is important to check it, while using mobile data or WiFi, having deficiency or instability problems like this arise, then regarding How to fix error code 10001 in The Walking Dead Survivors this option is important, it may even be necessary to contact our provider for assistance.
  • Check server status: manually we will apply this option, taking into account that the The Walking Dead Survivors server may be going down, but there are possibilities such as scheduled maintenance that cause this connectivity error, through the Twitter of @TWD__Survivors we can be aware of updates or information that are related to How to fix error code 10001, there is also the fan page that will help us to have information, being this @TheWalkingDeadSurvivors.
  • Game update: it is very important that we have up to date updates, but there are cases where the same cause problems like this, then as for How to fix error code 10001 we must verify the update to then install it, in the case of Android we will go to the Google Play Store application to give on the hamburger menu icon, then in my apps and game we enter for verification, having updated we press the button to do and wait for the process, for iOs we have to go to Apple Store on the iPhone, we enter the image icon on the right side, going down we get to see the applications that can be updated in case they are available in the list, if yes we give on update, we wait for the process in The Walking Dead Survivors and we will see what happened to the error.
  • Delete cache and data: Temporary data can become a problem, so deleting the cache of The Walking Dead Survivors may be necessary. To solve this problem, go to the device's configuration menu, under applications and notifications go to view all applications, go to the game application and click on it to access the application's information page, click on storage and cache, and then click on delete cache and storage and cache to delete the storage, leaving only to see what happened with the problem.
  • Use VPN or Proxy server: as for How to correct the error code 10001 this option allows us to avoid the geographical restriction or connectivity of the server that may be present in our region and with this we will avoid the error.

 This is the end of our The Walking Dead Survivors guide, now you know how to fix error code 10001, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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