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Daniel Hidalgo
2021-02-01 01:36:20

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In this guide you will find everything you need about how to solve the living room puzzle in The Medium, pay attention not to miss anything

 What are the living room puzzles in The Medium.

It consists of exactly two puzzles:
  • The Globe puzzle.
  • The Sheet Music and Piano puzzle.

The order in which you must complete the puzzles are, first that of the Globe and then that of Scores and Piano, and so that you do not complicate your life so much, here we will tell you how to solve the puzzle in the living room in The Medium.

How to solve the living room puzzle in The Medium?

On how to solve the living room puzzle in The Medium, as we mentioned before, it will first be necessary to solve the Globe and then the Sheet Music and Piano puzzle.

To solve the balloon puzzle, you will have to look for the pieces in another room that has the door closed, so you will have to become a spirit to be able to enter and find them in the lower corner. Below we list the pieces that you should find inside this room:
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  • Eyes
  • Nose.
  • Mouth.

When you have all the pieces you will have to go back to the balloon and place them. When placing them, you must bear in mind that each time you move a piece, another will also move but in the opposite direction.

With this in mind, we recommend you move your eyes one step up and then move your nose one step up, then you will have to move your eyes two steps up, then move your nose two steps up.

Lastly, move the mouth two steps up before moving the nose one step up again and the face is complete. Then you will have to move the balloon to move the room and open the entrance to the balcony to complete the puzzle.

For the sheet music and piano puzzle, three parts of the sheet music will be needed to complete the puzzle, the first two are in the living room, one on a table and one on a chair near the globe and to get the last one you will have to unlock the balcony (which you should have unlocked in the previous puzzle).

When you have all the parts you can change them to form the complete score, which will allow you to obtain energy to pass through the swarm of moths in the living room.

 Thus ends our guide on how to solve the living room puzzle in The Medium, we hope it has been as useful as possible, and you have managed to solve the two puzzles that make it up quickly with our tips.

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