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2021-01-29 06:54:37

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We welcome you to our The Medium guide, where we will explain how to get the Famished Feline achievement.

What to know about The Medium?

There are countless achievements that we will get to unlock as we progress in the game, one of them can be obtained at the very beginning, so it is appropriate that we understand How to get the Famished Feline achievement and that is what will be explained next.
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How to get the Famished Feline achievement in The Medium?

When we progress to the search for Jack's tie bar, we have to leave the room through the double doors of the room where we started and a cat scared us in the hall, then instead of going in the direction of the search for the bar we go to the other side to notice a couple of doors on our right, to enter the kitchen is through the first, here we will see that on our right is the container of cat food with which we are going to interact, then we will go to the counter From the kitchen to take a can of cat food, we return to the container and interact to pour the food into it, we will notice that the cat is going to approach to eat and we will have achieved the achievement of a famished feline.

  It is clear that knowing How to achieve the Famished Feline achievement allows us to have more fun in The Medium.

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28 January 2021
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