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Lidia Rozo
2020-06-20 16:10:43

More about: The Last of Us Part 2

Our guide today on The Last of Us Part 2 allows us to explain to you How to complete Chapter 2 Waking up

What are the collectibles that are present in Chapter 2 Awakening in The Last of Us Part 2?

  Our journey allows us to explore and advance in a story where survival is our strong point, and to know how to complete Chapter 2 Waking up is extremely necessary, here we can get some interesting objects such as articles and collectibles, each of they related to the fact of making improvements or increasing skills, based on.

  •   1 Artifact.
  • 2 Exchange Cards.

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How to complete Chapter 2 Waking up in The Last Of Us Part 2?

 We start this chapter by watching Jesse wake up Ellie and proceed to point out that it is necessary for her to take her knife and jacket to leave, so it will be necessary to follow Jesse to the city where he will talk about some events that happened the night before, meanwhile We will arrive at the crossing to proceed to take an exchange card that will be available and is visible hanging on the board relatively close to the building announcements.

 We are still following Jesse through town, to the point of reaching a place where there will be 7 parts of the blacksmiths workbench in the Blacksmith store, the good thing is that it is in a box that clearly indicates that it is free, and they can be used to make some necessary improvements to our weapons in The LastOf Us Part 2, if we move to the right side we will see that there is a circle marked in red where it will be possible to get an artifact all this before entering the Tipsy Bison bar.

 With the artifact in our possession we will go to the bison bar and after the scene with Maria and Seth already in the bar it will be necessary to go for our next and last collector's item, which is another exchange card, necessary to know How to complete Chapter 2 Waking up, we will leave the bar and follow again Jesse who will go in the company of Maria, during this tour we get 5 parts in a box that is looking at a squirrel and 3 parts under the scaffolding of a public library, this It allows us to continue increasing the possibilities of making some considerable improvements.

 Why participate in a snowball fight in The Last Os Us Part 2?

 Our work here is not about winning or losing just collecting snow and proceeding to throw it to defeat the infected, this happens when we meet Dina, then it will be necessary to follow her to the stables, and we are pleasantly surprised because it will be where Let's get our horse that we will give the name of Shimmer, here it is possible to get Jesse from a speech and with this end this chapter 2 to start 3.

 This is all there is to know about Completing Chapter 2 Waking Up in The Last Of Us Part 2, as there are simply a number of interesting things to do, collectibles to take, and lots of adventure ahead.

TLoU 2
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Action-adventure, survival horror
Naughty Dog
Sony Interactive Entertainment PlayStation Store
Release date:
June 19, 2020
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