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2020-06-20 08:53:20

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Today we bring you a Sea of Thieves guide where we will explain how to beat ghost ships.

  In Sea of Thieves we have that the new update brought with it the ghost ships, it is something serious that we will face, one of the biggest challenges that we will meet to date in this game, here in this guide we have the purpose of finding the details that allow understanding how to beat ghost ships and that will be in the content that will be presented right now, let's see what it tells us.
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How to beat ghost ships in Sea of Thieves?

Within our reach we have 2 possibilities to find the location of the ghost ships, through the Burning Blade world event it is possible to find them, this when passing through the skull of Flameheart in the sky, now as another possibility we have to make the trips of the new order of souls, so it is necessary that we have our own ship and crew, it is necessary to have many projectiles for the Burning Blade event, it is about cannonballs, fire and wildfire bombs, about 100 planks too we must add and above all food, in the second option, which is the order of souls, it does not represent the need for so many resources in Sea of Thieves.

We must have a correct organization to solve how to defeat the ghost ships, which leads us to assign the roles to all, one of the most important is to have someone when it comes to having to make repairs to the ship, including providing support with the cannons, at the helm you have to have someone so that the ship can be positioned, allowing it to remain safe and well located when it comes to having to fire, it will also support the location of the ghost ships, we will need someone who take care of the cannons, to shoot when it has to be done, with all PvE encounters it is not possible to ram or board a ghost ship, so communication plays an important role at all times, if we want to eliminate these ships ghosts, you have to hit them 3 times with the cannonball, incendiary bomb or the one that stuns, in the water there are many ghost ships, so it will not be easy, it is ideal that we have a path Cape in case of any complication, these ships attack ghosts, ghosts and even flame cannon balls, which can be a great damage to our ship.

What will we gain by defeating ghost ships in Sea of Thieves?

The reward for defeating these ships is a haunted loot and terrifying supplies, they will be in the water for us to take, looking for the ghosts in the vicinity, also a box of ghost cannon balls we will get, the ghosts and even the of flames, access to new unlocked places and achievements when we are victorious, with our crew we can do it or team up with other ships, but individually the reward will be only ours, so we already have the details that help answer how to beat the ships ghost.

 This way we finish our Sea of Thieves guide, now you know how to beat ghost ships, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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