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The Division 2: How to Get Specialization Points - Tips and tricks

2020-03-05 13:31:14

Knowing how to get points of expertise in The Division 2 has never been easier, that's what this guide is about today.

Why earn specialization points in The Division 2?

Because they are necessary points to grow, they are highly necessary and tend to lean towards a specific style of play, which allows agents to make use of a certain way to access the areas of the game and manage with more flexibility.
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    How to get specialization points in The Division 2?

    The ways to win them usually vary a bit, as this has some variations being one of them whether or not you own the expansion, in addition to being achieved from level number 30 or 40, because it is these daily or weekly projects that we allow to complete invaders missions, so that we can level up and access a challenge control point.

    In the Lords of the New York War it is not possible to do it, in addition to carrying out an invaded mission of greater difficulty allows us to obtain 5 valuable points, as well as 4 control points which are added slowly.

    Weekly rewards generally used to distribute points, only now it does not work this way, as some important changes have occurred in relation to the DLC, since increasing profits these days becomes a bit complex but equally satisfactory.

    In general terms, knowing how to obtain points of specialization only requires completing some missions and doing everything possible to move like a fish in the water along The Division 2.

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