Angel Marquez
2021-01-05 07:57:30

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The action does not stop at Terraria which leads us to tell you how to get fruit of life.

What to know about the fruit of life in Terraria?

Before talking to you about How to obtain fruit of life, it is good to tell you that this is a necessary resource that we are allowed to find in nature and that in turn allows us to constantly increase life and thus get the option of having more health points.

How to get fruit of life in Terraria?

There are three necessary aspects to take into account before starting this search for the fruit of life in Terraria, and they are:

  •   Have a maximum health of 400 points so that the effects can be felt.
  • Play in Hardmode mode.
  • Defeat one of those mechanical bosses: the Destroyer, the Twins, Sleketon.

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To get the fruit of life it is necessary to defeat the mechanical bosses or at least one of them, for which it is necessary to invoke some mechanical pieces to be thrown at the enemies or simply some hand axes, however, even when We defeat these bosses it is possible that they can reproduce at sunset when we manage to destroy the "crimson tower or a demon", our task is to keep in constant movement to be able to defeat them all as they can appear to ensure that the mechanical boss has finally fallen completely and in this way the fruit of life can grow in the jungle.

The fruit of life is a resource that grows in nature, and we can observe it in the grass in the jungle, so knowing how to obtain fruit of life makes us fight for the possibility of creating a biome with enough grass so that it can develop and leave the necessary space for it to grow, it is also important to be clear that it does not grow all the time, so we must be patient and take advantage of every opportunity that may arise, seeing how it grows is easy because we only see an orange heart in middle of the grass.

It should be noted that on some occasions it is likely that it may be difficult to get it and for this we can take a look at the minimap to track it, which makes us take care of looking at the green spaces, another possibility of making use of a metal detector because the fruit of life can be marked with this object.

Once we have obtained the fruit of life and Terraria we can count on the opportunity of consuming it to reach maximum health to the point that it is possible to reach 500, with only 20 fruits of life we ​​can make the health bar complete, we can also sell it for gold coins.

 Now that you know how to get fruit of life it is time to start this search in Terraria, give it a try.