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Genshin Impact is a very lively game and today it leads us to discover how to deliver the image to the client.

What to know about Genshin Impact?

We are in the search called Snapshots, which requires solving an issue with some photos, this mission we have on Xu's part, he is one of the characters who are working in the feiyun trade guild, this to the south of the teleporter northeast of the port of Liyue, what is presented here is that the names of the clients were not written in the corresponding photos, so we must know how to deliver the image to the client, and it is what we presented in the following text.

How to deliver the image to the client in Genshin Impact?

When we accept the mission we have that on the map we can visualize the area where the subject is for the first image, it is the teacher of Te Liu Su, this to the northeast of Xu, we have that on the 2nd floor next to some stairs we can reach the north bank, here we will start a dialogue with him and choose the option about the camera, which allows us to have an update of the search by revealing the area of ​​the next client, which takes us southeast, passing the bridge to Chihu Rock, the last client is Grandma Shan, it is a toy vendor that we found on the other side of the plaza from Jade, in turn we have it northeast of the Chihu Rock teleporter, here we will do the same as the first client In the dialog we have the option of about the camera that allows us to update the search.
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    Now the next thing is to report to Xu, managing to access the reward of the Chamber prototype, but when we dialogue we also get a couple of Hero's Wit and 20,000 blackberries, which will be of great help to us for the cultivation of blackberry, after the mission It is completed we will be able to take snapshots with the device that we now have, we just have to access the gadgets' menu, choose Camera to equip it, then with using the gadget button we take the shots we want, be it swimming, fighting and many other options featured in this story.

    We can conclude that knowing how to deliver the image to the client is easier than thought once the guidelines are known here, so we only have to go ahead in Genshin Impact.

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