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Easy guide to learn how to bottle fairies in Terraria

  With the modifications in Terraria you can now have fairies as friends wandering around Terraria that you can see floating. and they can help a lot in your adventure.

Fairies can be found in the underground sections of Terraria. Start digging into any biome and explore the different depths to find them.

There are three types of fairies in the game. They look like points of light, pink, blue, or green, with a pair of wings around them. These creatures are beneficial in finding secrets and pieces of treasure for those who seek them.
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    How to bottle fairies

    Of the three varieties, the blue ones are the ones you have to be very careful with because they can lead you to a treasure protected by traps.

    But there is an option that can help you by keeping them by your side which is bottling them. Don't worry, we'll teach you how to bottle fairies.

    To do this, you will need to purchase a bug trap net. You can buy it from the Merchant NPC for 25 silver. You can summon the Merchant once you have an empty house space and have at least 50 silver in your inventory.

    The rest is a piece of cake, you just have to find a fairy and catch her with it and when you capture them with a net and put them inside a jar, it will have the same color as the fairy you caught. You can place them in your home and use them as decorative items.

     How to bottle fairies is a bit of a simple task in Terraria if you have been playing for a considerable time, so having these special beings at your side can bring many benefits. Good luck!

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